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Studio Toggle designs outdoor pavilion for Kuwait’s Human Capital Forum

Invited by Nuqat, a nonprofit organisation based in Kuwait, to create an outdoor space for its cultural forum, The Human Capital 2018, Studio Toggle designed a pavilion called ‘Luminous Drapes’.

Located in the outdoor plaza of the newly opened Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre in Kuwait City, the pavilion was designed to be a lightweight, soft and malleable space.

Images courtesy Gijo Paul George

“The pavilion is meant to be colonised based on the activities that it will accommodate,” said the architects. “These activities were analysed and broken down into its anthropometric parameters.”

“These parameters informed the various taxonomies of voices that catered to the programmed activities and were mapped onto a modular grid,” they added.

Luminous Drapes consists of a low-tech, cost-efficient, incremental, modular system that applied re-usable construction scaffolding and laser-cut IKEA drapes.

“The voids created by the subtractive operations on the stacked drapes are taxonomized into activity facilitators and occupied as such. A modular 3x3M grid is made from construction scaffolding, while the IKEA drapes are cut and arranged in a pattern derived from a parametric algorithm,” the architects said.

The differences in height and width result from people using the spaces in different ways.

In the evenings, the pavilion’s lighting creates an intimate ambiance and adds depth to the dynamic space. Light is used as a sculptural medium, framing and defining the way users can interact with the pavilion.