Street artist eL Seed decorates Sharjah Bank Street building

French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed is currently working on an painted calligraphy-styled mural on the exterior walls of the Sharjah Bank Street building.

Organised by Sharjah’s contemporary visual arts hub, Maraya Arts Centre, the project is part of a live outdoor street art initiative called Jedariya. The project aims to beautify the streets of Sharjah.

eL Seed is known for his unique style of calligraphy that fuses elements of graffiti and Arabic calligraphic traditons, focusing on the movement and flow of words. The artist is working on his piece in full public site, involving the every day citizens of the Emirate.

The inspiration for the current art piece was taken from a poem by acclaimed Iraqi poet Ahmed Bu Snida.

His work can be seen on landmarks in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

“Street art adds a new dimension to the urban landscape, transforming walls into canvasses that celebrate the culture of the people who inhabit the space. It is a wonderful way to not only add beauty to the everyday but to create a dialogue between the man on the street and the world of art and we look forward to engaging the community and especially the youth in this ongoing project,” commented Giuseppe Moscatello, manager at Maraya Art Centre.