Office furniture, Steelcase

Steelcase launches Umami collection

Steelcase has recently announced the launch of Umami, a new office furniture system, comprising lounge, table, screen and technology components that can link to form a variety of configurations. Additionally, its sculpted design, reclined back angle and seat depth provide a high level of performance and comfort for workers.

“Purposeful work deserves meaningful places,” says Michael Held, design director at Steelcase. “People want to feel a connection to the places where they work, where they can see themselves in the space, versus something that feels imposed upon them.”

Informal spaces promote social interactions, stimulate the brain and enhance creativity. However, according to the Steelcase Global Report a quarter of the global workforce doesn’t have the work environment to socialise and have informal relaxed conversations with colleagues. Umami’s flexible, modular design can create settings unique to organisations and individuals.

The range will be available in Europe and the Middle East markets by fall 2018, and can be ordered from the US beforehand.

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