Statement lighting at Downtown Design

From bespoke lighting installations to sustainable statement lamps, here’s a list of our favourite lighting that will be presented at this year’s Downtown Design in Dubai.

Preciosa’s Crystal Automata designed by Vasku & Klug Studio

Inspired by the elements of fire, water, air and earth, Crystal Automata combines the fascination of automata and the beauty of crystal into a design collection that sets the movement of light in motion.

Lasvit’s Lollipop by Boris Klimek

Boris Klimek experimented with the technique of slumped glass, exploring its wide possibilities in terms of glass coloring. Made of amorphous glass plates, combined with the metal holder and inserted light source, the resulting objects are reminiscent of lollipops. The Lollipop collection consists of table and stand-alone lamps, as well as pendant lights.

Beba Creations’ Fossilized Concrete wall light

The Fossilized Concrete wall light by UAE-based Beba Creations is backlit with dimmable LED lights and surrounded by a stainless steel frame. Inspiration for this design came from Beba Creations founder’s visit to the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. All manufacturing for Beba Creations’ products are handmade in the brand’s UAE studio.

META Design’s Al Lamp made in collaboration with Anurak Suchat

The AI Lamp by Taiwanese brand META Design is made up of a wooden circle and cylinder with a warm white LED light inside. With a combination of magnetism and skillful construction, the Al Lamp is able to stand still without rolling and even offers a touch-based lighting dimmer inside. AI Lamp is the first lamp by META Design that was made in cooperation with the award-winning Thai designer, Anurak Suchat.

META Design is one of the three brands exhibiting with Taiwan Designers’ Week at this year’s Downtown Design.

Apparatu’s ZERO by Xavier Manosa

ZERO is a basic lamp with a twist: the bulb holds the shade in place. The three components of the lamp (shade, bulb-holder and rose) are handmade in stoneware in Apparatu’s pottery workshop in Rubi, Barcelona.

Apparatu is one of three brands exhibiting with Barcelona Design Week at this year’s Downtown Design.

Tamara Barrage’s Once Upon A Cauliflower lighting installation

Tamara Barrage is a Lebanese designer exhibiting with Beirut Design Week as part of the Destination’s initiative at Downtown Design.

Klove’s Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is a great example of Klove’s take on a midcentury modern design. Muted Sepia and warm wooden tones are highlighted by edgy rose gold details making it a truly contemporary product.

Laokoon’s Drop Table Lamp, designed by Zsuzsanna Szentirmai and Zsolt Csizmadia.

The Laokoon Design-Drop table lamp is a collaborative piece by textile designer Zsuzsanna Szentirmai Joly and product designer, Zsolt Csizmadia

NEO’s Organic

The marriage between cork and ceramic,ORGANIC is the fusion between two organic materials in a unique composition. The dramatic draped cork leather over a glazed ceramic shell gives this lighting piece extraordinary expression and movement.

Serip’s Luna

Luna, inspired by the full moon’s contrast light, is a sophisticated and slim lighting piece. The Luna collection is one of the most modern pieces in the Serip line and is designed with multiple ring compositions.

VETRART’s Lampadario

Venetian design brand VETRART safeguard one of the most famous artisans’ traditions of light-making by manually working on each piece.