Spectators will be face of Sochi Olympic games

The “Mount Rushmore of the Digital Age” is the name being given to a project which will see images of spectators at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics displayed as part of a building facade.

Architect Asif Khan is responsible for the creation of 10,000 activating modems spread across the front of his specially designed pavilion which can move position to recreate facial features.

The facade of the building has been designed to move and change shape as the faces change.

The images will be generated via 3D photo booths inside the pavilion where spectators can have a representation of their faces rendered.

Once their shot has been captured it will  be relayed to the pavilions mechanical systems which manipulate the actuators to generate the images on the building’s exterior by aligning themselves to match the curvature of the facial data they’ve been fed.

Each will be able to render a realistic avatar of a participant for 20 seconds.

The concept behind the pavilion is to make everyone the face of the Olympic Games and its name is derived from a mountain which has the faces of former presidents of the USA carved into it.