Soviet-era “brutalist” building designs on show

A collection of designs reflecting the different strands of architecture in the former USSR have been put on display in Berlin’s Tchoban Foundation, which houses one of Europe’s best collections of architectural art.

Designs in paint and ink are shown from around 1915 up to Stalin’s death in the mid 20th century showing the relationship between traditional Russian buildings and the “brutalist” creations of the Communist Party years..

The exhibition, says its curator, Irina Sedova, attempts to portray the development of architecture in Russia and then the USSR “as a real process of strife between tradition and avant-garde, between cultural inheritance and new invented forms.”

She said:”The differences between Constructivism and Stalinism, as the show illustrates, aren’t as clear cut as typical architectural histories would have you believe. There was, at least for a time, plenty of room for nuance between the two architectural cultures.”