SOM to design Dubais Mashreq Bank HQ

SOM, the architects behind some of Dubai’s most iconic buildings including the Burj Khalifa and the recently completed twisting Cayan tower, have now been selected to design a 32-storey commercial headquarters for Mashreq Bank.

The design will be executed to make the majority of the floor plates in an L shape, allowing office units on either side of the tower enabling natural lighting while remaining protected from solar gain.

“We designed the building to act as a quiet sculptural form within Dubai’s skyline. The building is environmentally appropriate while utilising clear glass Cialis,” said Ross Wimer, design director, SOM.

Glass is a dominant material in the design of the tower, with horizontal and vertical shading incorporated into the primary faces. These sun shades alter the perspectives of the tower’s appearance for the passers-by.

The building will include a two- level conference centre, a 350-seat auditorium, a banquet hall for 100 people as well as a car park. The ninth level houses the staff dining room and communal cafeteria which opens out into a landscape garden, bordered on two sides by the upper storeys.