Soil treatment centre resembles mounds of earth

A soil treatment centre in Copenhagen has been given an appropriate look by Danish studio Christensen & Co – it has been designed to resemble mounds of earth.

Inspiration for the project came when the architects saw the earth being used to sculpt the landscape of a developing harbour-side community

Soil Centre Copenhagen is located on the coastal edge of Nordhavn, a new urban quarter underway to the north of Copenhagen’s centre. It was designed by Christensen & Co as a facility for decontaminating soil excavated from construction sites across the city.

The building has an angular profile, which slopes up from the ground to create the shape of two connected hills, and its outer walls are clad with rusty panels of pre-weathered steel.

“Soil Centre Copenhagen grows out of the landscape with its characteristic shape and rusty red facades,” said the architects.

“The building has a distinctive silhouette against the vast horizon, and is an integrated part of the landscape and an obviously man-made object.”