Shopping mall design intends to draw in custom

Brightly coloured glass and a design which is intended to draw shoppers inside are main factors in the work of  Joakim Lyth of Wingårdhs whose architecture firm used both in its Emporia shopping centre.

Located in the city of Malmö, Sweden, the mall features two gaping entrances made out of brightly-coloured curved glass, one amber and one blue.

“Two main entrances lead people into the shopping centre,” said Lyth. “They are formed by a double-curved glass [structure]. They should drag people inside the shopping centre.”

The use of coloured glass continues throughout the building to help lead customers through the shopping centre’s figure-of-eight plan.

“The coloured glass goes through the whole of the building, different colours are used in different circulation hubs,” Lyth added. “One of the problems with a shopping centre is that they’re usually quite hard to find your way around. So strong colours, giving a strong atmosphere and identity to different hubs seemed like a reasonable idea.”