Shop green, shop chic

A New and trendy gourmet supermarket opens in the heart of Dubai’s upscale Marina

UAE: The new gourmet market, which opened in Dubai Marina, is called Maybury and has a concept and design built to attract the city’s most environmentally-driven and trend-focused individuals.

Owned by Andrey Shpaltakov and designed by Dubai-based firm Brand Creative, Maybury sets a whole new standard for the region’s market design.

Carla Conte, creative director, Brand Creative, explained how the owner wanted luxury and something aimed at the Arab market. And while some might take that to mean tacky, Conte’s team knew better, and knew what the Marina community would like.
The brief was to create a food environment where the Marina community could shop for daily essentials, while also being able to pick up luxury and deli food staples on their way to and from work. Ultimately, the line between your morning coffee and your morning errand run is Maybury, where the layout is marked by two varying levels allowing customers access to both.
Conte explained: “The ambience we have created is that of a favourite neighbourhood deli in New York where patrons are recognised, their preferences noted and their visits are welcomed.”
She added: “Whether shopping on the run, lingering in the cafe with friends or sharing hints and tips for recipes and techniques in a Miele custom- designed cooking studio with culinary director R Allen Smith, this is the place food aficionados will want to hang out.”
The gourmet shopping area on the ground floor is an eclectic blend of modern contemporary styling and art deco, a combination sure to engage any visitor. The market’s colour scheme blends
aubergine with warm woods, texture terraze and incorporates copper highlights.
The granite floor, supplied by Kahrs by Nordic Homeworx, is inlaid with a sophisticated bronze leaf motif, while original lighting pieces such as the mirrored copper ball chandeliers by Tom Dixon mix with the general lighting provided by Arneg.
More spectacular, is the Carl Warner commissioned foodscape mural, which from far portrays a whimsical forest scene, yet up close slowly reveals celery stick- trees and broccoli-made bushes.
On the second level, an elegant black and white contrast makes for an open and bright space. The Kahrs Norweigian oak wood floor boasts a limestone finish. The space is ideal for R Allen Smith, high-end Parisian trained chef who has been taken on the team as culinary director, to create special dishes for tastings in the cafe.
Conte concludes: “We have created a complete shopping experience and an eatery all within on space. Everything you see in Maybury’s design is original and custom selected. Maybury in the Marina is the first of four planned outlets in the UAE, with other five star stores to follow in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.”