Semi-outdoor home deck brings changing yearly climate into focus

A sheltered deck separates the bedroom from the living spaces of this tiny home in a suburb of the Australian city of Brisbane – emphasising the changing climate throughout the year to its residents.

The building was designed by Australian studio A-CH as a dwelling for a single occupant at the end of the garden of an existing property.

The space at the centre of the building frames views of a mature Jacaranda tree and the main house beyond, and acts as the entrance to the two separate indoor spaces.

On one side of the deck is a compact living and kitchen area, while the bedroom and a bathroom are located on the other side. Sliding doors can be opened to connect the inside spaces with the decking.

The building is constructed from robust materials including cast concrete and galvanised cladding, which is also used to create oversized guttering that helps to shade the interior from the sun.

“The semi-outdoor deck is the main breakout space which the occupant is forced to circulate across on a daily basis, heightening one’s awareness of the changing environmental conditions,” said the architects.