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Security system design is new rule for Dubai building permits

Developers in Dubai will be refused building permits and completion certificates unless their projects are approved by the newly-formed Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), a senior government official told Arabian Business.

SIRA, set up last year, is authorised to deal with the regulations of the security industry in the emirate. It will also work in development, research and active monitoring of security services providers.

“Once the project is submitted [by the developer], Dubai Municipality will not give them a building permit unless they get a consultant to do the security system design and get an approval for it,” said Arif Al Janahi, executive director, SIRA.

“Even the building completion certificates will not be given unless the [security] system is up and running,” he added.

The government agency is currently working on revising the technical regulations on security service providers and systems, with the new version set for release this year.

Arabian Business reported on Wednesday that the new UAE fire and life safety code 2017 will be issued next week with no retrospective effect.

Al Janahi said the agency has entered into strategic partnership with major master developers to ensure they have adequate security features (surveillance cameras to access control) within their developments.

“The big developers are working on it [security systems], but in phases, as they have to spend a huge amount of money on it,” he said, adding, “Those who fail to follow the guidelines will face legal action.”