AECOM, Architecture, Construction, Design, Scott Tallon Walker

Schematic design for Royal Maternity Hospital, Bahrain completed

Venture Capital Bank has completed the schematic design of the Royal Maternity Hospital.

The architectural, engineering, medical equipment consultancy and project management for the project has been awarded to AECOM, with the front and architecture design developed by the Irish architectural firm Scott Tallon Walker.

The construction contract will be awarded to the main contractor in December 2011 and the construction is set to begin in January 2012.

“We have completed this initial phase of design and have embarked on the detailed design stage. We look forward to create a medical facility of the highest standard that provides women in Bahrain and the Gulf region with the healthcare of quality that exceeds expectations and which is in line with the best available internationally,” said Saeed Haji, executive director, Venture Capital & Business Development division.

The Royal Maternity Hospital will be located in the Southern Governorate of Bahrain, and will provide healthcare services for women and children.