Scary football mascot design causes social media storm

Turner Prize shortlisted designer David Shrigley has seen his football mascot creation  cause a storm across social media after he unveiled Kingsley, the angry-faced mascot for Scottish football club Partick Thistle.

The design became one of the highest-trending stories on Twitter and received global media attention – and a backlash from the club’s fans.

“The reaction to Kingsley is really surprising,” he told local media. “Everything is done at a modest level at Partick Thistle so to be the seventh most popular top trending story across the world is pretty cool.”

Sporting mascots are traditionally child-friendly but Shrigley’s yellow, spiky-haired design looks fierce.

“They wanted a bit of angst,” Shrigley he said. “They wanted something which said, ‘We are Partick Thistle and we are not so cuddly any more’.

“I hear people say Kingsley is scary but it’s only a scary image from a three-year-old’s view.”