3D printing

Saudi Arabia to become potential market for 3D printed buildings

Alternative methods of construction has become a focus in the Middle East, with 3D-printing technology being at the fore, after Dubai announced its plan to build the world’s first fully functional 3D-printed building (pictured).

“This modern and new method of construction will provide a very attractive solution to construction companies who wish to extend their projects to remote areas where traditional construction techniques prove challenging,” said Andrew Elias, Group CEO of Dubai-based Kele Contracting.

“If buildings are suited to the Middle Eastern climate and can withstand the environmental extremes, then this will herald the start of a new wave of innovative 3D-printed low-rise buildings.

“I believe that the Saudi market in particular is among those with the most potential for this method of construction due to the types and sizes of developments, as well as the country’s landscape,” he added.

3D printing has been cited to have numerous advantages in the construction field including faster construction, lower labour costs and less water production.

“In the short term, the challenge is to see how these buildings perform in the extreme climate and environment of the Middle East and whether building services such as cabling, wiring and sewage work on a practical level for the buildings’ end users,” Elias said.

DesignMENA has also explored how 3D printing can influence interior design in the region.