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Experts say Saudi Arabia is reinforcing smart building technology

Dr Mohanad Alshaikh, CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls, says that energy efficiency and conservation is an essential ingredient for economic growth and this can be achieved by designing and building energy-efficient buildings.

He told Saudi Gazette that according to Frost & Sullivan the concept of smart buildings has evolved worldwide as we see more of smart cities, with expected value to reach $1.5tn by 2020.

Smart-building technologies enable high performance in terms of construction and services, such as comfort, and HVAC systems, lighting, and electrical wiring, as well as control, automation and safety systems, he stated.

Alshaikh said that Saudi Arabia is reinforcing the concept of smart buildings across major cities with 2030 Vision standing out as one of the most important factors behind it.

Alshaikh remarked: “We, at Al Salem Johnson Controls-York, bring in technologies and services for optimal building productivity that help conserve energy and lower operational expenses. Sustainability should be kept at the heart of any available energy solution applying advanced construction technologies, low-cost building materials, control systems for automation and energy conservation.”

He added: “One of our most prominent projects in the Kingdom was retrofitting the building of the Ministry of Higher Education making it the first certified smart building in the Kingdom. We provided management and automation systems as well as an integrated platform to host 10 additional systems, including IP communications and lighting.”

He said that the concept of smart buildings should be developed beyond automation to include responsive and energy-efficient buildings, with smart power, lighting, ventilation and thermal comfort systems.