Salone del Mobile launches new campaign image for its 55th edition

Marking its 55th edition, Salone del Mobile Milano is presenting a new campaign image encompassing both past and future to the “Salone people”, designed by Lorenzo Marini.

The organisers explain that a new holistic campaign image had to be inviting and celebrating.

“What could be better than a glance and a 55th edition? An eye and a number: semantics never fails. The eye acts a substitute for the product, or rather for the thousands of products that will be exhibited. The eye is the midfield of the seen object, but also a symbol suggestive of a vision. It was, in any event, the first symbol used by the Salone in 1960. It is its origin, its birth, and the early years of the early successes.”

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The 55th edition of the Salone del Mobile di Milano will feature exhibitions and special events in the city, including three collateral events dedicated to the concepts of living, classic furnishing and architectural finishings respectively, as well as a short film signed by Matteo Garrone.

Organisers say that this year is completely sold out with 207,000 m2 of net exhibition space and 2,310 exhibitors (30% of them foreign companies), 650 of them Salone Satellite designers, reaffirming its position as the leading forum for ideas, creativity, innovation and technology for businesses, operators and visitors, showcasing the latest home living styles through advanced design trends.


President Roberto Snaidero says: “The 55th edition will be a huge international draw, with 70% of the operators coming from over 160 countries and a wide range of top commercial offerings from the very best companies on the Italian and foreign markets, combined with culture and product culture through our collateral events.”