RMJM appointed to design Iran Historical Car Museum

RMJM Arta Tehran has been appointed as architectural consultant for the Iran Historical Car Museum, marking its first project in Iran.

Also known as the National Car Museum of Iran, the existing museum is situated approximately 20km west of Tehran. It houses one of the largest and most valuable car collections in the region, composed of sports cars, limousines, motorcycles and carriages owned by the last Shah of the Pahlavi Dynasty, Mohammad Reza Shah.

The architects have been appointed by the Cultural Institute of Bonyad Museum to develop the new museum.

“The recent approach of Bonyad towards the revitalisation of the Car Museum will benefit the whole area, adding culture and history to the industrial zone,” said Arta Rostami Ravari, managing director and head of design at RMJM Arta Tehran.

RMJM is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, with many museum projects already under its belt including the Scottish Museum of Modern Art and the National Museum of Libya.

RMJM Arta Tehran joined the RMJM family earlier this year along with its sister studio in Zurich.

Image: Woodhorn Museum. Photo credit: Keith-Hunter.