Richard Branson launches moon hotel concept

In an effort to implement innovative and somewhat crazy architectural concepts around the world, Richard Branson has recently launched plans for a moon hotel.

In addition to four other hotels located in New York, Sydney, London and Cape Town, the ‘Virgin Buildings’ campaign includes a commercial project on the moon.

“We’ve been lucky at Virgin to have done some pretty extraordinary things, whether its the music business, trains, planes or even spaceships, but I think this project perhaps caps them all,” said Branson.

According to Branson, Virgin is looking to be the first company with property on the moon.

He said: “We’re looking at being the first company in the world to have a building on the moon, and we thought, if we’re going to do it lets try and pay for it by making it a hotel, and of course a pretty good-looking hotel.”

The other buildings included in Branson’s latest endeavor will all include rainwater-harvesting facilities, living walls that will grow food and moving walls that can adapt to suit the differing needs of rooms.