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Bin Sina pharmacy transforms and wins an international Interior Design Award

UAE: Local design agency Brand Creative has completely redesigned the Bin Sina Pharmacy located in Mall of the Emirates.

Bin Sina’s new look and feel has achieved widespread success, winning an International Interior Design Association (IIDA) award for the 2013 Middle East Interior Design category.

About the concept, Carla Conte, creative director of Brand Creative, explained: “It’s a pharmacy, and it really breaks the mould on an international scale … we tell people to stop thinking regionally. This is what people are doing in Europe and North America, and we really need to work to that standard. And people get excited about that.”

The new design is futuristic and avoids the clinical look that’s applied to pharmacies around the world. Still driven by function, the design of most pharmacies in the region follow an enter-and-exit strategy, while Bin Sina, a wholly local brand, is pioneering the new “boutique pharmacy” approach.

Bin Sina, which measures at just around 47m2, has a number of standout features such as new colours, the “stairs” and the bubble wall.

The colours intended to reflect the radiant glow of good health, and include pastel shades like green, blue, pink and yellow. They add a softer and whimsical touch to the ultramodern white palette of the interior.

The “stairs”, which are more like columns, are inspired by the human spine’s curving vertebra, alluding to the genetic code of our DNA. The bubble wall, pumped with effervescent water, emphasises the natural and plant-based ingredients commonly used in high-end cosmetic products.

Bin Sina Pharmacy isn’t trying to be your one-stop destination during flu season; rather, it intends on being your go-to health guide and provides various products like upscale skin care, make up, and overall health maintenance.

“They have a really loyal customer base and having studied it, those people don’t actually come in—they send drivers, so they don’t care which Bin Sina pharmacy it is. The price for medicine is regulated here, so there’s not much you can do to the pharmacy to make it more appealing since people will always use it.

“So we worked with Dr. Salima. She really knows pharmacies, as she’s a doctor herself and she really knows what people are looking for, specifically women…So she started purchasing really high-end derma products—Bioderma, Vichy and Ear Thermale Avène—and one of the inventions of Bin Sina is their skin analysis section.”

The skin analysis area is tended to by dermatology experts that use high-end technology and machinery to advise customers about relevant skin care products.

Conte continued: “It was our first competition with them…We entered in March and we won, and we’re going to enter more competitions because I really think it has that potential.”

From design to expertise, the Bin Sina Pharmacy chain is truly ahead of its game, and plans to take the new design to 10 more branches. Thereafter, Bin Sina’s in-house team will carry out the design in all 100 stores within the next few years.