Replica of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah to be built in UK

Former head of football club AFC Bournemouth and real estate tycoon Eddie Mitchell has proposed an ambitious project worth Dh290m to recreate the Palm Jumeirah in the south coast of England.

Appealing for funding from the Middle East, The National reports that the project is set to become a holiday resort emerging from reclaimed land in Poole.

Mitchell said: “Dubai has been a big inspiration for me and to see how much it transformed in recent years is amazing.”

The proposed project will feature a hotel, residential units, and a leisure and harbour complex built at the Sandbanks peninsula, that will transform the area into a mini-Palm Jumeirah.

It also features a 33-storey sports tower, used for recreational activities such as bungee jumping, abseiling and rock climbing, an open-air swimming pool and a theatre for community artists.

In addition, the project will include a seven-star hotel shaped like a seagull, apartments and a 2,000 seat beach stadium, used for beach football and volleyball.

Mitchell said that there will also be a floating harbour, which takes its cue from the Palm, as well as a fountain like the one in Dubai, but on a much smaller scale.

“The responses have been mixed so far.” he said. “Some like it but others do not. We could potentially file an application to the council in a couple of months.”

If the project gets the go-ahead, it will take approximately 5 years to build.