Renzo Piano to aid earthquake hit Italian towns

The prime minister of Italy Matteo Renzi has asked architect Renzo Piano to play a major part in rebuilding towns devastated by the recent earthquake

The 6.2 magnitude tremor struck the centre of the country causing severe damage to the historic towns of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto.

At least 290 people died and 10 are still missing.

Renzi met with Piano at the weekend to discuss the reconstruction of the medieval towns.

Piano said the nation must take rapid action and implement anti-seismic regulations.  He said: “We have to act quickly, with the utmost urgency. Anti-seismic requirements must be inserted in the laws of the country to make our homes safe, just as it’s compulsory for a car to have brakes that work.”

One proposal is to create temporary accommodation for those made homeless out of wood, close to the site of the town in which they lived.