Rem Koolhaas film shot by his son will premier in September

Set to premier at next month’s Venice Film Festival is “Rem” – an hour long documentary on architect Rem Koolhaas made by his son Tomas.

The camera follows the Dutch designer across his many projects – in the desert of Qatar, across the landscape of his home nation, in the streets of New York in midwinter and even getting away from fans in Italy.

“In a very compressed period, I am typically confronted with a literally unbelievable multitude of different contexts,” said OMA founder Koolhaas, now aged 71.

Filmed, produced, directed and edited by the 36-year-old Tomas and partially crowd-funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the documentary has been pitched as a “behind the scenes” window into Rem’s world.

Most scenes are shot from behind, making the back of Rem’s head a prominent feature of the film.

“Rem doesn’t wait for you,” said Tomas. “I was literally running after him, then I realised it was an interesting viewpoint, a way of seeing what he’s seeing.”