Regional talent to be showcased at Downtown Design

Downtown Design will be devoting an entire section dedicated to trendsetting designers from six countries across the MENA region at its upcoming fair.

The event takes place in The Venue, Downtown Dubai from October 28-31. Selected designers will be exhibiting as part of the Musk and Amber and Harper’s Bazaar International Regional Design Exhibition.

Designers from Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia will have the opportunity to unveil their latest creations to the world’s most influential brands and the region’s foremost trade professionals.

Selected by Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed, founder and owner of the Musk and Amber concept store in Tunis, the designers are Arwa Hafiz from Saudi Arabia, Nanu Al-Hamad from Kuwait, Nayef Francis from Lebanon, Cherif Morsi from Egypt, Chacha Atallah from Tunisia and Mohammad Hossein Ghaderi from Iran

Ben Ayed said: “It is important to expose our talented designers and support them as they become known on the international stage. Downtown Design is a perfect place for them to showcase their designs, meet potential buyers and network with global industry leaders. .

Speaking about his plans for the future, Francis said, “We are looking forward to participating in Downtown Design, which provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with the most inspiring global design brands as well as have access to the growing regional market.“

Arwa Hafiz representing Saudi Arabia inherited her passion for design from her father and is committed to offering her clients exclusive vintage furniture and home accessories from around the world, which she customises in her distinct style.

Hafiz said, “It’s an exciting time to be part of the region’s design industry, which is experiencing massive growth and to be part of Downtown Design which is creating a great platform for us to share our creations with the region and the world.”

The designers all emphasised that the opportunity to show their work was one which they could not miss.

Al-Hamad representing Kuwait said: “Having this platform and showcasing my work alongside global leaders in design is a great opportunity.  The mission of Downtown Design, to create this hub in Dubai for the region is very much aligned with all regional designers’ goals, to shed light on our original designs and gain access to these markets.”

Egyptian designer Morsi emphasised the scope of the event. “I believe that good product design is usually an item that would fit instantly in the interior type it was designed,” he said.

“Downtown Design recognizes the importance of original design and provides us, regional designers, the opportunity to share our creations and vision for the evolution of the sector with like-minded professionals from across the world.”

Atallah, architect and designer from Tunisia said: “I am honored to have this opportunity to showcase my work alongside some of the great designers from the region and alongside design giants.  For me, Downtown Design represents the great leaps that the region is taking in recognition of the importance of design.”

Ghaderi from Iran, whose award-winning Carbon sofa got him noticed said: “The global recognition of regional designers has been slow in the making, and having  platforms like Downtown Design at which we have the opportunity to present our work to is incredibly important to create business opportunities for us to continue to create.”

The importance and impact of the region is given a world stage at the event, said the organisers.

Director, Cristina Romelli-Gervasoni added: “We are conscious about not only featuring the world’s best known global design brands but also the region’s celebrated designers, in recognition of the rich heritage of arts and culture that exists in the region.

“It’s exciting for us to showcase pieces from these trendsetting designers whose keen eye and unique perspectives translate into original designs with global appeal. Nurturing the growth of the region’s talent base is an essential step towards a sustainable regional creative economy.”