Recycled flood barriers form surf beach kiosk

Australian studio Tony Hobba Architects used weathered steel piles previously part of flood barriers to build a kiosk beside a surfing beach in Torquay, Australia.

Entitled Third Wave Kiosk, the small structure was designed to provide changing rooms, a cafe, and a meeting point in a prominent spot between the car park and the seafront.

The self-supporting sheet piles, which are typically used for constructing seawalls and piers, slotted together without any additional fixings to create large corrugated walls around the kiosk.

Also, the rusted surface of the metal forms a weather-proof coating around the building that will protect it against erosion.

“The height and profile of the building has been designed to respond to the prevailing coastline undulations and windswept vegetation, and uses these natural inflections to inform its final folded appearance,” said the architects.

“The sheet piles have intentionally been left in their original condition to emphasise the reddish brown and yellow oxides of weathered steel and harmonise with the colour of the surrounding cliffs.”