Recognition for industry in New Year’s Honours list

The field of design and build was well represented in the 2016 UK New Year’s Honours list with a knighthood for David Mackay (pictured), Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University.

Acclaimed author of “Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air” he is a leading advocate of sustainable practice and outlined his philosophy by stating: “The more explicit and transparent we can be about the trade-offs involved in a shift away from fossil fuels, the better our final decisions will be.”

His citation was “for services to scientific advice in government and to science outreach”.

OBE’s went to Professor Henrietta Moore, chair of culture and design at University College, London, architects Edgar Allies and Graham Morrison who run a joint studio and Jane Dannet for services to architectural education.

Services to architecture obtained Joanna Van Heyningen and Patrick Borer each an OBE the latter specifically recognised for his work in the area of alternative technology.

Irene McCara-McWilliam head of design at Glasgow School of Art also received the same award and did engineers Roderick McDonald, Roger Kemp, Gerard Mason and Anne Wilson.