Radical architects shortlisted for UK art prize


A UK-based group of radical designers who revitalised a housing estate are bidding for the Turner Prize after being shortlisted for the British art world’s leading award.

Assemble, a London-based group of 18 young “activist architects”, who seek to address the “disconnection between the public and the process by which places are made”, are among the nominees on a list for the $32,000 which the jurors said featured political artists.

The most controversial nomination is for Assemble, a collective based in Bow, East London, born out of “collective frustration” at the way standard architecture practices often work.

The group takes part in  “direct action” and work with local communities to challenge the gentrification of housing stock by commercial developers.

Assemble were invited to work with residents at Granby Four Street, who formed a Community Land Trust to save 200 terraced homes in Liverpool condemned for demolition.