Project underway for LACASA Architects school in Palestine

The first stage of a major new educational project for Palestine by Lacasa Architects and Engineers is now underway.

The Al Rayhaan American School which will be built close to the town of Ramallah is set to become a major centre of learning for the country.

“Learn, create, inspire, debate” is the motto behind the new development.

A ground-breaking ceremony for the project has just taken place, attended by the Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Al Hamdallah (pictured), Laila Ghannam, Governor of Ramallah and Emad Jaber, the company’s founder.

Ghannam said: “We have lot schools but this is unique and superior. It enhances the top quality of education and this is what we have to have in order to see success. But to be successful, it is quality not quantity that we need.

“It’s a step forward which we need to invest in. We have to invest in our people – we have no natural resources and our resources are people and education.

“What we want to explore is the investment in this place and its people. We have trust in the government, and we have trust in education. And this is why we have you all [members of local authorities, business people and television news] here. We have safety and security – this is not a war zone, it’s a place for investment and growth.”

The new development is close to a newly created community of 1,500 residential units with ecommercial and retail premises and a hospital. It is part of a drive by the country’s government and business sectors to attract inward investment and provide for the needs of a growing number of Palestinian former ex-patriots who are returning to their home country with families

Al Hamdallah said “Our future is in education, it has been the source of our survival since the 1940s. We are fortunate in the way we have human resources, they have been the means of survival for the people of this country.

The Prime Minister said the school is part of a wider vision for the country’s future.

He said: “I ask all the expatriates Palestinians across the world to come here.

“I ask our friends from the UAE to come out here to invest. This is the place of the future this is Palestine we are Palestinians we soon have our own independent country and an investment, especially in education, is an investment in the country of Palestine.”