Project: Al Quoz beautification

On January 24, street 4B in Al Quoz will be closed with the country’s most popular street and graffiti artists painting live.

The event is part of an ongoing initiative to develop a taste for graffiti and street art in the region not only for authorities, but the public as well.

Maria Urrutia, the project organiser told the National: “We want to appeal to people who don’t normally go to galleries and museums and get them interested in art through this.”

A long-term objective of the project is to open first a wall where graffiti artists can paint freely, then to open the entire industrial area including its factories, labour camps and other buildings for street artists.

The area was chosen due to its aesthetically barren quality, with the artists and organisers feeling it was an ideal ‘blank canvas’.

A participating graffiti artist, Kevin Martin, added: “I’ve been to Al Quoz a few times and it’s quite dull…why not liven it up with some colourful street art? It would improve the look of the area.”

Other artists from the street art scene that will take part include married duo Sya One and Steffi Bow.