Second prize announced for Tehran Stock Exchange

The second prize for the Tehran Stock Exchange competition has been won by Hadi Teherani Office + Design Core [4S] for its simplistic two-part structure design.

The cubic-shaped building, as well as the ecological and building services, is reminiscent of the Iranian ‘wind catcher,’ the traditional architectural element of natural ventilation.

A support-free entrance level piazza on the ground floor includes water features, footbridges and an upwards-rotating feature void, influenced by Persian domes of traditional buildings.

The design of the building is conceptualised to include a transparent two-storey ‘communication zone’ in every third storey, an area for staff members to socialise with one another. It includes magnificent views of the mountains and Tehran skyline.

The façade of the building has a double skin layer with the inner layer acting as a curtain wall with triple insulating glazing with sun blinds on the outer side.

The second layer features a second curtain wall made up of perforated metal plating. Due to the different sizes of the perforation holes, the superimposed figures of traditional Iranian motifs are made visible.