Pritzker winner Ban vows to keep working for humanity

Pritzker Award winner Shigeru Ban says he intends to continue his humanitarian work by helping less privileged people across the world.

His latest design uses foam walls covered with fiberglass and will be set up in the Philippines, to help victims of the recent typhoon

“When I became an architect I was very disappointed about professional architects. Actually we are mostly working for privileged people, people with money and power,” said Ban.

Ban has spent the last two decades travelling to design low-cost housing and community buildings for hard-hit locations. He designed a temporary housing made from cardboard tubes for the 2011 earthquake-tsunami victims in Japan and also victims of conflict in Africa.

Another famous work by Ban is a cathedral in earthquake-hit Christchurch, New Zealand, made with paper.

“I thought we can use our experience and knowledge to work for the public, even the people who lost their houses in natural disaster. That’s why I started doing this.”

His latest housing design, which uses foam walls covered with fiberglass, will be set up in the Philippines, to help people made homeless by the recent typhoon.