Architectural heritage, David Romero, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gertrude Pauson House, Virtual reality

Preserving architecture’s past using digital technology

Spanish architect David Romero is examining new ways of virtually recreating destroyed or never constructed buildings.

With his project, Hooked on the Past, Romero takes lost  designs—like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Rose and Gertrude Pauson house (pictured)—and digitally restores them to their former glory with progressive 3-D design technologies.

“Hooked on the Past began because of my irritation at how poorly used 3-D visualisation techniques are in the case of re-creating buildings of the past,” said Romero

“The poor protection that exists in buildings built during the 20th century, no matter what their artistic value is, is a big problem.

“My project tries to change this situation, but how to make it economically viable is a challenge.”