Alessi, David Chipperfield, Lamm, The Museum of Modern Art

“Piana” Alessi chair by Lamm selected for New York MoMA

Alessi, manufacturer of household and kitchen design, has launched the company’s first chair, “Piana” designed by David Chipperfield and produced by Lamm, which has been selected for inclusion in The Museum of Modern Art’s collection.

The chair was introduced for the first time in April 2011 at the International Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Light, sturdy, practical and environmentally conscious, the Piana is available in multiple colours and is based on the concept of a simple, iconic, general-purpose folding chair.

Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, the three parts of the chair rotate around a single axis, and the supporting structure and mechanism are hidden within the components of the chair itself. It folds completely flat and is horizontally stackable.

“The revelation in this design has much to do with geometric abstraction and the search for great formal simplicity: rigor and precision as the typical qualities of the designs of David Chipperfield,” said Alberto Alessi, president, Alessi spa.