Philippe Starck design edgeless, ceramic smart phone

Philippe Starck has created a near full-screen ceramic smartphone for Chinese electronic brand Xiaomi.

Entitled ‘Mix Mix’, the phone optimises listening by combining design and technological thinking.

The minimalistic design constitutes a full-screen device with a bevelled chamfer, curved on each end. It also ensures an easy grip experience.

The Mix Mix has no edges or corners, with a display that is smooth and features no buttons or loudspeakers.

The 6.4” edgeless display features a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio, the highest number on any smartphone.

It has a full ceramic body, including the back cover, frame and side buttons. It also features a Cantikever Piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology, replacing the traditional earpiece speakers. This allows users to listen to calls without the earpiece.

Starck commented on the project, saying: “Designing a smartphone is a new creative experience for me. It’s a beginning. To create today the smartphone of the future.”