Pavilion and platform commemorate Latvian independence

A wooden observation platform and pavilion emerges from the landscape of a memorial park in Koknese, Latvia.

Designed by Latvian studios Didzis Jaunzems Architecture and Jaunromans un Abele, the structure is located in the Garden of Destiny overlooking the River Daugava, a park designed to celebrate the country’s anniversaries including its independeance and remember victims of conflict.

The architects used the natural incline of the site to build a pavilion that is partially buried beneath the ground.

A sloping roof provides an elevated deck that visitors can walk over, while the surrounding terrace concludes at a balcony that cantilevers out across the water.

“The view terrace and pavilion create a harmonious environment to discover the special character of the site – the spaciousness and the faraway horizon over River Daugava,” said designer Didzis Jaunzems.

The structure was built almost entirely from larch. Wooden planks were fixed around a larch frame, creating a uniform surface across the ground planes and around the building’s walls.