Festival des Architectures Vives, Paper Cloud, Studio 3A

Paper Cloud by Studio 3A elaborates a space of illusion

This year, the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier presented 12 art installations, including Paper Cloud by Studio 3A, which elaborates a space of illusion and delusion.

Studio 3A is a collaboration unit of three architects from Japan, Germany and Mexico identifying their own cultural backgrounds and sharing mutual awareness towards architecture and societies. This diversity is reflected in studio’s work, which aims to understand the different contexts in which they are inscribed.

With Paper Cloud,  the collective wanted to create an environment filled with light and shadow by reflecting various colours in different times, making the visitors part of the installation.

Paper Cloud is composed of about 2,000 pieces of plastic laminated paper rings assembled without any bolts or glue but simply by slotting them into each other.

This simply assembled monochromatic paper structure contrasts with the massiveness of the stone pavement and walls in the courtyard.

However, once stepping inside the installation, this cloud-like structure merges with light and its existence seems to disappear like bubbles.

This intangible experience provoked by the illusion of light and shadow awakens the visitor’s emotion.