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Owners should apply mirrored coating to UAE buildings, expert says

UAE building owners and developers should consider implementing photonic radiative cooling technology, a mirrored coating that reflects heat.

This is the opinion of Muhammed Obaid, principal architect, partner, and manager of Emkaan Architecture and Engineering, who says the technology could help to create a more comfortable overall climate in the Middle East.

Developed by Stanford University engineers, photonic radiative cooling is a system wherein an ultra-thin, multi-layered material acts as a highly efficient mirror. The coating reflects virtually all of the incoming sunlight that strikes it, radiating heat away from buildings and back into space.

“Implementing [technologies] such as photonic radiative cooling here in the UAE is an innovative way of creating a cooler environment externally, further contributing to the creation of an even more comfortable climate in the region,” explained Obaid.

Obaid also advocates the use of panels made from phenolic material, and paints that use nanotechnology to reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling while simultaneously helping to purify surrounding air.

Such technologies are in keeping with Emkaan’s philosophy of implementing passive cooling systems within its designs, according to Obaid. The company focusses on heat-gain control and heat dissipation as methods to create cooler spaces with minimal energy consumption.

“We design buildings that deliver on [their functions,] look appealing, and complement [their surroundings],” said Obaid. “Operating in a place like the UAE, which experiences extreme temperatures for a large part of the year, means that one of our main considerations in all projects is to make the space as comfortable as possible.”