Owner of India’s fake Burj Al Arab replica unaware of legal action

The owner of a farmhouse hotel built based on the design of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab in India says he hasn’t received any legal correspondence in relation to copyright issues.

Rajinder Kumar (pictured below), the owner of the farmhouse, told South Asian news agency, Aninews.in, that he has not received any letters in relation to the building.

“Personally, I have not got any notice of legal action. But yes, while browsing the Internet, I had once read that owners of Jumeirah beach might take legal action. But I think we are in our country and are free to do so,” said Kumar.

The three-storied rural farm house, built in the village of Phagwara, Punjab, has been called Burj Ali and is proving popular with locals who go there to dine and to avail of reasonable rates.

Kumar, who has never been to Dubai, said he built the Burj Al Arab replica because he had a triangular-shaped plot of land that he wanted to use.

Jumeirah Group, which opened the 280 metre tall landmark hotel on a manmade island off the coast of Dubai in 1999, owns complete copyright of the building’s design. When reports first emerged last year of Kumar’s farmhouse, Jumeirah Legal Department were made aware of its existence.