Online art community Drawdeck gains interest from regional interior designers

Dubai-based online art community Drawdeck has been gaining interest from interior designers in the region in order to kit-out various projects including private residences and offices.

Founders Alex Dunn and David Hammond founded the project in 2013, creating a team of art and technology lovers with a desire to make it easier for artists to achieve a global reach.

Regional and international artists works are available for purchase, while the team offers a personalised approach to selecting artworks based on the needs of both designers and clients.

“The feedback has been amazing so far,” said co-founder Alex Dunn. “Working alongside interior designers has been a natural evolution for us.”

He explained that e-commerce is still a growing market in the Middle East, so there is “an educational aspect in building the reputation of Drawdeck”.

So far, art prints and original art work can be found in office spaces, private villas, hotels and restaurants such as Pierre 7 in Dubai.

Image by Ali Al-Sammarraie, Sharjah.