Office corridors built to resemble city streets

An unusual red corridor at the entrance to offices for a motocross clothing company in California designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects leads to a corridor that looks like a city street, with trees, benches and offices arranged off smaller side streets.

Clive Wilkinson Architects was tasked with converting a 7600-square-metre warehouse into an “flexible and collaborative work environment” that reflects the creative ethos of Fox Head Inc’s brand.

A large central corridor that acts as the “main street” runs through the centre of the interior, with different departments and facilities arranged along it each featuring their own distinctive design language.

“Traditional urban planning concepts were utilised to provide the architectural frame to foster a community centred around place, interaction and innovation,” Clive Wilkinson Architects explained.

Landscaping elements including trees and seating areas arranged along the length of the corridor add to the impression of an outdoor street, while a large wooden staircase provides additional seating.

A large landscaped area outside the building offers employees opportunities to meet and relax in shaded locations, while a bike track references the company’s business.