ODG appoints Robin Rossi as senior interior designer

ODG, the global retail design and consultancy agency, has just appointed Robin Rossi as its senior interior designer who will be responsible for projects in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Rossi has nearly a decade of international experience in interior design, having worked in lead
designer roles in his native South Africa. One of his recent projects prior to joining ODG is the design for the Tashas restaurant within Galleria Mall on Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

“With the design landscape changing in line with the aspirations of our clients, especially young design-inspired individuals, it is important to create continued value and innovation in any project we undertake. Robin has an intuitive understanding of design and his approach to interiors is refreshing. He will be a great asset to our team and to our projects by creating added value across the design journey,” says Benjamin Malhotra, creative director at ODG.

Rossi believes it is not just important to bring text-book knowledge to interiors but also look at
projects from the perspective of clients to ensure that every piece of work adds value to them in the

“It is important to continuously push boundaries and today, technology advancements offer a sounding
board to look at interiors from a fresh, robust and futuristic perspective,” he says. “Understanding how businesses work, move and change is an asset for designers to help our clients to create consistent value.”