“I am obsessed with the Burj Khalifa,” says Ora Ito

World renowned French designer, Ora Ito, discussed his journey to fame with fair director Cristina Romelli Gercasoni, at the evening lecture as part of Downtown Design’s second day programme.

Going through his eclectic range of products for well- known brands, Ora Ito described his design philosophy and his motivation for delving into different areas of design.

The designer commented that he doesn’t like sticking to one type of project; instead he always aims to add a new type of product to his collection of design works.

From perfume bottles to sofas, which he said was his least favorite object to design; Ora Ito has worked on large scale projects as well.

After been asked whether designing a car was his biggest project to date, he replied:  “Well, I’m designing a tower now.”

In terms of his use of materials, the designer said that he loves materials and does not have a specific preference.

“I choose the material that is the best for the project,” he explained, adding that his aim is to work with as many materials as possible throughout his work.

Commenting on Dubai, Ito expressed his admiration for the city’s growth. Having last visited the emirate six years ago, Ito said the city has become completely different.

“I am obsessed with the Burj Khalifa,” he said. “Every time I go outside, I have to look at it. I become hypnotized.”