Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi dome in place

The dome of Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi project was put in place today (Tuesday), according to the emirate’s Tourism Development & Investment Company.

 The roofing consists of 85 super-sized steel elements and weighs 7,000 tonnes. It was in December last year that the first segment was lifted and put into place.

 And today work on the last of the 85 pieces has finished completing the dome’s complex puzzle-shaped structure.

 The dome sits atop of 120 temporary towers and will be disassembled and removed leaving the dome, as initially designed, resting on four supports.

 Work has started on the cladding of the dome, whereby a total of eight layers of aluminium and stainless steel inserts, will be placed in a clockwise direction, above and below the steel frame.

 To achieve the ‘rain of light’ effect within the museum, these have been engineered in specific sizes and orientations forming approximately 8,000 star shaped pieces in both the upper and lower layers.

 Jassim Al Hammadi, director of infrastructure at TDIC, said: “The dome is the museum’s most prominent feature and has been by far the most challenging element to construct on site.

 “However, we are working around the clock to meet our deadlines and make sure that the project is delivered on schedule. We will soon start the marine excavation process, which will see the revetment, or breakwater area, surrounding the museum’s temporary platform removed in a strategic process. As work progresses, flooding will start to take place, resulting in Louvre Abu Dhabi’s final floating appearance.”