Nouvel and Chipperfield battle to design Hungary’s new national museum

Louvre Abu Dhabi architect Jean Nouvel is on the list of contenders to design a museum in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

Other star names include David Chipperfield and Renzo Piano  along with firms Mecanoo, Snohetta and Sanaa are listed for the National Gallery and Ludwig Museum after an open competition was abandoned

The second contest was launched after an initial search failed to find what the organiers called “any entry suitable for implementation based on the assessment criteria”.

The client – Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts – said the high-profile teams will first outline their staffing, financial compliance and previous track record in delivering cultural buildings.

A shortlist will then be selected for the revised contest’s second stage where scale 1:250 drawings, an energy strategy and infographics will be required.

The development is part of the Liget Project which will create a series of new museums inside Budapest City Park.