Noiz Architects designs new exclusive clubhouse in China

Noiz Architects have been commissioned to design an exclusive clubhouse near their headquarters in Zhengzhou, China. The task  involves the development of a VIP Reception, meeting room, dining area and recreational areas, as well as private suites for the owner and for guests, within the building’s triangular shape.

An assortment of differently styled doorways leads through to the rooms and is intended to reference both historic and contemporary architecture from the west as well as the east. Some appear as three-dimensional forms, while others are created from printed outlines.

The highly ornamented exterior of the building and congested surroundings are juxtaposed by the minimalist interiors. The interiors of the project contain an array of contemporary building tools and decoration pieces including, but not limited to, LED chandeliers, varied material structures and, 2D and 3D image installations.