Nikken Sekkei and Zaha Hadid team up for new Tokyo 2020 stadium submission

Zaha Hadid Architects is currently working with Japanese architecture firm Nikken Sekkei to submit a new bid for the Tokyo Olympic stadium after its initial winning design was scrapped.

The new competition for the stadium that is set to host events during the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan had been relaunched on September 1, complete with a shorter design and construction schedule as well as revised guidelines.


The cost of the stadium has also been considerably reduced to ¥155 billion, the main argument behind throwing out Hadid’s ¥250 billion stadium alongside the growing public dissatisfaction.

The number of seats for the projects have also been cut down from 72,000 to 68,000 with an optional 12,000 to be added at a later stage at the event of Japan wishing to host the football world cup.

The Japanese architects had worked on the original design since May 2013, acting as design supervisor alongside Hadid’s firm as well as leading a team of structural engineering firms.

The firm commented that its initial involvement in the development of the stadium and knowledge of the project and site would help in delivering the best alternative for the stadium design.

“We believe the best way to respond to the new brief is to maximise the use of the expertise and experience gained by the design team over the past two years,” said a statement from the firm.

The Tokyo-based architects invited Zaha Hadid Architects to work on a revised design, who last month presented its own fresh pitch for the project with a video and a 90-page report.


“Our firm is certain that retaining the team of design supervisor and designers will deliver the best National Stadium, and we have invited Zaha Hadid Architects to join the design team,” Nikken Sekkei said.

ZHA commented: “Our team in Japan and the UK have worked closely with Nikken Sekkei to develop a design for the New National Stadium for Japan that meets the government’s core principles and it is an honour to be invited by Nikken Sekkei to progress the design together to the revised technical brief.”

“Building on the two years of work and knowledge in which the Japanese people have invested, Zaha Hadid Architects and Nikken Sekkei are able to quickly develop a comprehensive, fully costed design and, in partnership with a committed construction contractor, the most cost-effective delivery plan that ensures the New National Stadium is ready in good time for the preparations ahead of Tokyo 2020,” added the firm.