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New video reveals first look at Dubai-Abu Dhabi Hyperloop commute

A new video shared by Dubai Media Office’s Twitter account reveals what a 12-minute Hyperloop journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will look like.

The video shows a Hyperloop passenger pod, set inside a white spaceship-like capsule. During UAE Innovation Month in February, Virgin Hyperloop and RTA showcased the first full-scale prototype of the passenger pod, telling Dubai-based news outlet Khaleej Times, that it will not feature any windows, however there will be interactive entertainment screens.

However, earlier this month Virgin Hyperloop One and architecture studio BIG h revealed videos that illustrate how hyperloop windows will feature an effect that makes it seem as though passengers are moving through a transparent tube.

The video states that the speed from one city to the next will go up to 700 mph and is expected to “save $800 million in lost working hours”.

It also adds that “Dubai officials want to create a Hyperloop network between cities in the UAE”, however other plans besides a Dubai-Abu Dhabi route has not yet been revealed.

The video also states that it may take another five years before testing is complete.