Atasehir Urban Park, Green space, Istanbul, Turkey

New park planned for Istanbul

Located in the West Atasehir district on the Asian side of Istanbul, the Atasehir Urban Park sits within an area of 63,000m2, designed to provide multi-functional facilities for the social life of the region.

The project, which aims to encourage social mobility and create a tourist attraction, provides spaces such as food courts, an exhibition centre, performance centre, gastronomy centre and activity areas for children. It also hopes to stimulate social activity in the area and to create a “landmark effect”. All the functions that are placed, besides forming their own attraction, also support each other as a whole.

Approximately 85% of the park consists of green space, including spatial arrangements such as hiking trails and bike paths. Small scaled “peddling” entities for eating and drinking were included in the trails, too, and small courtyards were built.

The open space, which can comfortably fit 3,000 people, has a green field and the sound insulation is obtained with natural plants.  This area has been designed as multi-purpose and allows for activities such as collective sports activities, festivals and concerts.

The units that make up the square comprise volumes that maintain and cultivate each other, such as gastronomic centre, chef restaurants and performance centre. Each mass has its own unique qualities and creates a feeling of unity in terms of facade and form.

Mostly single story constructions and partly double story constructions were designed with an industrial approach, and these constructions have large fringes, stone walls and steel columns.

The slope of the terrain provided graded placement for the buildings. The square, which is the main focus of the project, and the surrounding units are combined on the basement floor to meet the parking lot needs of the area.

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