According to Aedas, the development was inspired by the leaf of a palm tree.


New ‘palm tree’ community by Aedas to be completed by 2018

International architecture and interior design firm Aedas has announced plans to create a holistic ‘palm tree’ community in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Set to be located between Jakarta’s city centre and the country’s international airport, Ciputra International is a mixed-use development consisting of six office towers, three high-rise apartment buildings, one retail complex and a five-star hotel. Connecting the different facilities will be a circular boulevard that boasts lush landscaping and leads to a central open plaza.

According to Aedas’ executive director, Steven Thor, the sinuous forms were inspired by the palm leaf motif.

The firm said: “Buildings are progressively positioned in an outward manner to maximise porosity and views and allow prevailing winds to flow through the development to keep it cool and comfortable.

“Inspired by the leaf’s feathery, the open structure allows it to withstand strong winds and efficiently channel water into the heart of the ‘palm tree’.”

The connecting boulevard is meant to symbolise the stem of the leaf, as the buildings and their respective roadways are linked to the development’s central axis.

According to the firm, phase 1 of the 430,300m2 development will be completed by 2018.