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New installation in Downtown Dubai features 10,000 pieces of fabric

French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux has created an installation set across 1 km of Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai, made up of 10,000 pieces of hand-dyed fabrics.

Entitle ‘100 Colours’, the installation draws on the spatial elements of its surroundings, creating an immersive urban intervention.

It frames the heart of Downtown Dubai with 300 imposing gates displaying the full colour spectrum, which aims to uplift the public, adding a sense of positivity to the urban space.

Moureaux first launched the installation in 2013, and it has since been exhibited in various locations including: Tokyo, Osaka, Brussels, Buenos Aires, and Pittsburgh, among others.

The architect established her studio Emmanuelle Eoureaux Architecture + Design’ in 2003, using colour as an organising principle to compose space. Her work functions as a vehicle for emotional experiences through art, design to architecture.

100 Colours is among the first of a new wave of art installations curated by Art Emaar. The initiative aims to bring new aesthetic experiences to Emaar’s master-planned developments and to engage people through various arts and culture initiatives.

Feature image: 100 colors no.3, Shinjuku Central Park. Image courtesy of Emmanuelle Eoureaux Architecture + Design.